Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Manufacturer Chooses WSI for National SEO Campaign


Kaijo-Shibuya is a leading global manufacturer of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and equipment and is a leading contributor to ultrasonic technology for over 65 years.  Ultrasonic cleaning systems use the energy of ultrasonic waves to provide powerful and precise cleaning of manufactured machine parts, ceramics, circuit boards, semiconductor wafers, medical tools, hard disk drive media and optical components such as LCD screens or solar panels. Represented in North America by the Kaijo Shibuya America Inc. in Santa Clara, California, Kaijo continues to provide leading edge industrial cleaning solutions using advanced ultrasonic technology.

WSI was chosen by Kaijo to optimize their website to rank for keyword terms that are relevant to their product line that have significant search volume to drive large numbers of potential customers to their website.

The keywords WSI selected include keyword terms relevant to what the company is, such as an ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer as well as what the company makes that includes ultrasonic cleaning systems, ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic generators, ultrasonic baths, ultrasonic parts cleaners and high frequency megasonic cleaners. In all, WSI optimized 21 pages covering a total of 28 keywords.

The second step in the SEO implementation began last month with creation and syndication of content relevant for the optimized keyword terms.  To accomplish this WSI set up three off-page blogs accounts on WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr. During the coming months, WSI will continue to create informative blogs on topics relevant to ultrasonic cleaning systems and equipment and post them on these blog sites, with links back to the relevant pages on Kaijo’s site.

The combined effect of the on-page and off-page SEO optimization has already began to increase the company’s rankings and has driven more qualified traffic to their site. At the start of the campaign Kaijo had no rankings for any of their relevant keyword terms. Currently after the first month of the SEO campaign, Kaijo’s site ranks on the first page of Google for one keyword term and on the second page for three others. Over the coming months this process should continue to increase keyword rankings and site traffic and in turn increase leads and sales for Kaijo.

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