law firmCarosella and Associates is a full service Law firm located in West Chester, Pa. The firm’s lawyers are experienced and well-rounded in various areas of law, serving clients in Chester County, Montgomery County, Delaware County in Pennsylvania, and also Southern New Jersey.

The Carosella firm has been a long time client of WSI starting with their first website in 2009. Recently, the firm re-engaged WSI to rebuild their website to be more reflective of the firm’s current focus and to be mobile responsive to suit the modern site users. In addition, we are implementing an SEO plan for the new website in order to increase the firm’s visibility in their target client area.

As part of the new plan, we will optimize the site for the relevant and highly searched keywords in their target geographic area. These keywords are selected from the firm’s services in the realm of business law, real estate law and estate law.

WSI is also providing content writing services to the firm, by creating high quality, relevant blogs which will be posted on blogging platforms like WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger.

Thought Carosella and Associates are well known in the local West Chester Area, the firm has been hard to find on the internet and hence their reach has been somewhat limited to their local area. As WSI’s SEO strategies take effect, we plan to bring them to the first page of Google search results for their chosen keywords and as a result get more potential clients to visit their website. In addition, the newly designed website has conversion features like the pop-up contact form, which will help increase the number of site visitors who contact the firm and become clients.

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