Being in a very niche market, ProLine™ Division of Heritage Oak Farm, doesn’t see high volume traffic to their website. So we made it all about the conversion of those limited visitors.

Fortunately, like most niche markets, specific, long-tail, low searched keywords already attract the right people to your site. For ProLine™ this was true as well.  There is little search volume for tree nursery equipment, thus making every visit count is important.

Making it easy for a visitor to make contact with our client is paramount to successful conversion. With a contact form above the fold on every page, as well as a tab in the navigation makes for a clear call to action that is easy to find. In addition, it is important that the header include a direct number easy for the visitors to find.

With a niche market, typically, the visitor is quite far into the buyer’s journey, it’s important to make it easy for the buyer to finish the journey with you.